I’ve wanted to visit Bletchley Park for ages, but never got round to it. We were going to go on my birthday this year, but I overslept and got up rather too late to make the journey worthwhile. So with one weekend off between old job and new, I grabbed my government scientist friend (whose family all actually work for GCHQ, which is what GCCS - the Government Code & Cypher School, based at Bletchley in WW2 - grew into. Not that she could tell me any juicy stories as she doesn’t even know any, but still, the connection was fun) and roadtripped the hour and a half out of London to Bletchley. The whole place was a little ramshackle and could do with another big lottery grant, but it was all utterly fascinating. We ran out of time before we could explore everywhere, but our tickets allow entry for a whole year so I’m definitely planning on making a repeat visit and dragging people that haven’t yet been with me.